What’s the Difference Between Deodorants for Men vs Those for Women

Since historical times, Men and women love to wear scents, perfuming elements. In US also, deodorants are always like an indispensable part of our life here. And it became all the more important by the time one hit puberty, they are taught to keep with their best of basic hygiene and get introduced to the world of fragrances.

Body care industry from all over the world is flooded with gender-specific products like- shampoo, razors, face wash and even deodorants. Being a male, I was looking for such a product that could help my body smell good, restore my confidence, hide under arms odor and at the same time give my skin protection while carrying all-natural ingredients in it. Looking at the different gender-bias deodorants, I find myself in a situation of a perfect dilemma when I could not understand the difference between a male deodorant and a female deodorant.

I found a big verity of products with Whole Foods but still, I had almost no idea which one is to be chosen for me. Marketing efforts of many companies claim that you would not get a perfect date if you wear woman-specific deodorant underarm. Now, my quest to know the difference went on and on.

Men’s body odor is generally stronger than women. So, in order to save themselves from odor disaster men and women are using perfumes, scenting oils under their arms since ancient times. What they look for is that the fragrance must last for the day and keep them smiling through the day.

Well, after studying a number of brands who claim to offer gender-specific deodorants. I learned some differences between a men and women’s deodorant-

1. In terms of active ingredient, there is hardly any difference except the amount of moisturizing element that is high in case of deodorant for women.

2. The fragrance may differ between the two based on the cultural norms and general preferences like women can go for lavender while men choose leather.

3. Price disparity is high between the two because of the marketing and advertising efforts companies put in to promote and present their product sex-specific.

Women’s deodorant usually cost higher than men’s.

4. Presentation of the product is different off-course. Women’s deodorant will carry more floral pictures, pink or purple color indicating feminism’ while men’s deodorant will have a hard black color that shows promoting the masculinity’ element in them.

There goes a saying that it is though safer to go by a women-specific deodorant if
you wish to save extra pennies which are off-course asked for clever marketing.

For men, it is difficult to hide their body odor, although they sweat less as compared to women, as studies say. So, wearing an odor controlling element goes more in favor of men.

Here, I arrived at an understanding level where I saw no major inside difference between the deodorant for both sexes. One can safely land up if they wish the save extra bugs or even trying a gender-specific deodorant will also not spoil the show for sure.

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